FENIX is a human resources company spealizing in manufacturing

FENIX Co..Ltd. Has been dispatching human resources specialized in manufacturing since it opened in 1995. Itroducing a total of more than 2,000 people, mainly leading Hamamatsu big companies. Most of the companies are stable manufacturing companies. If you like the workplace, you can work for a long time.

Also, The president Norma Kinoshita, will be checking before introducing the jobs, so you can work relief and safe. we will support the foreigners with translation untill you stabilized in the work.

Features of FENIXFeatures of FENIX staffing

Manufacturing speciality

We specialize in the manufacturing industry, mainly local major companies
and dispatch human resources.
Therefore, I have you work stably for a long time. Unlike the service industry, no need of a high level of the Japanese language.

Complete support until estabilishment

FENIX provides through support to ensure that the dispatched person can be established at the destination.
The staff will accompany you not only in the interview but also on the first day of pre-training and actual work.
For foreigners, we can also provide interpretation, and we also have various consulation to help you get a job for a long time.

We introduce the job according to the conditions

Jobs can be introduced according to your requirements.
Not only the location but also places that provide apartment, Just let us know-your preferences.
We will introduce the job that will suits you.

Employee benefits

We have Employees'Pension Insurance, Employment Insurance, and Industrial Accident Insurance.
You can also take paid leave. If you register with FENIX, You will receive full benefits.

Full equipped with dormitories

For people who have migrated from other provincess, or have just arrived in Japan, we have accommodation. Make your registration peacefully.
Also to offering accommodation. We can also offer support if you want to rent a own apartment.

Long term workers wantedLong term office workers

Many of those people who registered with FENIX have been working for a long time with us.
There are many people who have been working for more than 25 years or, foreigners who have purchased a house, so do your registration undisterbedly.

Long term office workers

FlowchartFlow from registration to start of workIf

step1Temporary registration

Register temporarily on the internet or by phone.

Temporary registration


Please visit FENIX and complete the registration.
If you are a foreigner, we are gonna check your driver's license or certificate of residence(jyuin hyo), curriculum, and your Zairyu card (identification card)
Plese tell us your work preferences, This process on this day will last about 1 hour.


step3Introducion of work

If conditions matches on the day of regitration, we will introduce on the spot.
If there is no job the matches your needs, we will contact you by phone later.

Introducion of work


We will visit with our staff and have an interview with the dispatched company. At that site, you will see the actual work site. Also determine if you can do the jo yourself.


step5Contract of the work

Sign an employment contract with FENIX.

Contract of the work

step6Start work

Your work stars.
FENIX prevents you from having prblems at work and helps you work undisturbedly.

Start work

Q and AFrequently sked questions

What kind of job do you have?
Manufacturing jobs. Machinery Processing, Auto Insprection parts, press, welding, forklift driver, among other types of jobs.
We will introduce you a job according to your needs, and also considering your previous experiences.
What is required o rgister?
Driver's license or certificate of residence(jyumin hyo). and the curriculum.
To foreigners the Zairyu card or My number card. The documents of the car.
People who have other qualifications bring the driver's licens corresponding.
We will Introduce you a perfect job for you. According with what you can do.
How do I do if I need to mis work?
If you feel ill, contact FENIX early in the morning.
If you already know this in advance, let me know as soon as possible.
We will communicate to the company.
I don't quite understand the Japanese language. I can work?
Depending on the type of service and place of work, there are places that you don't need to know Japanese language.
Also, there are work places that have the help of interpreters.
What happens if I get injured during service?
FENIX will enroll you in industrial accident insurance (ROSAI HOKEN).
For this reason, if something like this happens, the insurance will cover.
Therefore you can work peacefully.